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Crypto Portfolio Management

As a cryptocurrency investor, managing your diverse coin holdings can be challenging, especially when they are spread across various exchanges and wallets. This is why it’s essential to consolidate your assets into a unified platform that offers comprehensive solutions for assessing portfolio value, conducting in-depth data analysis, initiating trades, and implementing automated trading strategies.

Top tools, many of which include Ravencoin (RVN) tracking, will significantly enhance your trading capabilities, ultimately simplifying the path to financial tracking in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. With these portfolio trackers, you can efficiently manage your holdings, irrespective of the number of coins, exchanges, or wallets, providing you with a more informed and convenient approach to cryptocurrency investment management.  Keep reading to see the top 10 recommendations for 2023.

Top 10 Crypto Portfolio Tracking Apps

The top 10 cryptocurrency portfolio monitoring applications for 2023

By: Deva Priya

The difficulties of keeping track of several coins that they have across various exchanges or wallets are well known to most cryptocurrency investors. In this turbulent market, having them all in one location where you can examine your portfolio’s overall value, study its data, start a trade, or set up automated buying and selling rules is essential.

You can achieve that thanks to the best cryptocurrency portfolio tracker’s API integrations, bot traders, real-time value tracking, and mobile applications, which will greatly improve your trading abilities and make it easier for you to make money. Let’s check the Top 10 crypto portfolio tracking apps in 2023.

1. CoinTracker:

With support for 300+ exchanges and over 10,000 cryptocurrencies, CoinTracker offers comprehensive investment tracking. It provides real-time market value, cost-basis accounting, and tax-loss harvesting features, along with performance charts and daily portfolio updates. You can start for free with up to five wallets.

2. CoinStats:

A premium crypto portfolio tracker, CoinStats offers personalized crypto news, analytics, and portfolio management across desktop and mobile. It supports multiple wallets and exchange accounts via API keys. CoinStats presents essential information, including growth per asset and heatmaps for profit and loss entities. While there’s no free tier, it offers a 3-day free trial.

3. The Crypto App:

This smartphone-only crypto portfolio tracker and news aggregator integrates with top exchanges and native blockchain wallets. Its widgets keep you informed from your home screen. It has both free, ad-supported features and a paid version with unlimited wallets, exchanges, and additional widgets.

4. Delta Investment Tracker:

Unlike crypto investment options, Delta provides a broader view of your complete investment portfolio, including stocks, crypto, ETFs, and more. The free version connects to two exchanges and offers transaction analysis. The paid version unlocks more features, such as fee breakdowns and investment decision insights.

5. CoinGecko:

Ideal for those who transact less frequently, CoinGecko offers a manual entry approach. You input your transactions to create and track multiple portfolios, ensuring consolidated profit and loss visibility. While it lacks automation and API integration, CoinGecko provides a completely free experience.

6. CoinMarketCap:

Similar to CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap offers manual transaction entry. It’s free and suitable for a smaller number of transactions. Multiple portfolios can be created and viewed as needed. While it lacks some premium features, it’s a cost-effective option.

7. Altrady:

Altrady is an advanced trading and crypto portfolio platform supporting API integration and transactions via XLSX or CSV upload. It prioritizes security, allowing you to create a password-protected vault for API keys and offering two-factor authentication. Altrady also provides market news within the dashboard. It’s designed for advanced traders and has no free subscriptions.

8. Kubera:

Kubera is a comprehensive investment tracker covering various asset classes, including stocks, crypto, and even personal assets like your home or car. It allows API imports for crypto tracking and offers pie charts to visualize portfolio asset distribution. Kubera offers a 14-day trial for just $1, making it accessible to all investors.

9. Coinigy:

Coinigy has a free plan along with a 30-day fully-featured trial of its advanced features. It supports transaction data import through APIs or wallet addresses. The dashboard includes asset distribution, charts, and top gainers/losers. Customizable panels allow for news and exchange rate tracking. Coinigy caters to traders and offers significant value with its free tier.

10. CoinTracking:

CoinTracking is a powerful and detailed crypto portfolio tracker. It supports API, CSV, and manual transaction entries, making data syncing easy. The platform provides extensive analytics and reporting, showing trade details, crypto balances, and transaction histories. It also offers robust tax reporting features and starts for free for the first 200 transactions.

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