Is Ethereum Becoming The Blockchain For RWAs? Mattereum Launches MATR on Swarm

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  • Mattereum GmbH discusses its launch of MATR token on the German crypto exchange Swarm the following press release, positioning itself as a leader in tokenizing real-world assets like real estate and gold on the blockchain.
  • Mattereum’s unique Asset Passport technology creates a legally enforceable connection between blockchain assets and their physical counterparts, ensuring legal claims and dispute resolution in 172 jurisdictions.
  • CEO Vinay Gupta, former Ethereum launch coordinator, envisions Ethereum as the global hub for trading a wide range of legally recognized properties, with Mattereum enabling the seamless integration of high-value real-world assets into various Ethereum applications.

Press Release from Mattereum

Mattereum GmbH (Berlin) announces the launch of its MATR token on the fully regulated next generation German crypto exchange Swarm. Mattereum is the world leader in legally issuing real world assets like real estate and gold as tokens on the blockchain.

Now, the big question is “Is Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta, who coordinated the Ethereum launch in 2015, the next Larry Fink?”

Fink’s Blackrock Capital has $10 trillion assets under management. Last week he said that their great new horizon is tokenization of all the real world financial assets in the world. Vinay got there first; Mattereum is the only company that can truly make real world assets (RWA) work on the blockchain. They are doing it already, on the Ethereum mainnet, and are decentralized.

Mattereum is a scalable, legally sound way to help customers and partners to bring billions and then trillions in real world assets into all of the DeFi protocols and exchanges everywhere across the Ethereum network, L2s, and beyond. As well as serving asset sellers directly, Mattereum will also provide the legal layer as a service for other RWA companies and exchanges.

The newly launched MATR token provides token holders with up to 50% discounts when using Mattereum to deliver protected real world assets to buyers on the blockchain. These discounts are available in no other way.

Mattereum’s Asset Passport technology has built a globally recognized, legally enforceable connection between the blockchain and real world assets. This means that by purchasing from a seller using Mattereum to secure the transaction, the buyers of a real world asset on the blockchain can be certain that they have a legal claim to that physical asset and a guarantee of its condition.

If the buyer needs to raise a dispute about the asset’s ownership or condition, the Mattereum Asset Passport enables an effective legal dispute resolution pathway by connecting the blockchain to the world’s international legal arbitration system for the first time. This means it is possible to resolve disputes over an asset in any of the 172 New York Convention jurisdictions. This is unprecedented: no other system currently has this capability.

Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta said:

“The MATR token from Mattereum GmbH launches the next stage of Mattereum’s growth. The bigger the assets our customers issue on chain, the bigger the discount the token provides. As we bring major clients with high-value real world assets to Ethereum it will be a valuable tool for competitive on-chain trade.”

Vinay Gupta added:

“When I was release coordinator for the Ethereum launch back in 2015, it was already clear to everyone at the Foundation that Ethereum would one day host most of the real world assets in the global economy, and I’m glad that Larry Fink agrees. Mattereum’s innovation realizes that vision.”

Vinay Gupta explains:

“Mattereum’s contribution to the real world asset revolution means Ethereum is now the best place in the world to exchange currencies, finance projects and sell digital art, and is also becoming a new global nexus where any kind of property recognized by law can be exchanged with anybody, anywhere in the world in a safe and regulated environment.”

Vinay Gupta also highlights a major advantage:

“Most assets protected by Mattereum are not confined to a single exchange or trading hub; they can flow into any Ethereum application just like other ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.”

Mattereum’s breakthrough took six years of “deep tech” research from a team of world class specialists in law, technology, policy and assets. Our breakthroughs will bring unparalleled transparency, accountability and trust to every digital asset transaction, transcending geographical boundaries and rewriting the rulebook for global trade.

The Mattereum Discount Token (MATR) is available for purchase through Mattereum GmbH’s fully regulated German crypto exchange partner, Swarm. Buying MATR is subject to terms and conditions in eligible jurisdictions – in particular, residents of the United Kingdom and the United States of America are excluded from the public sale of MATR.

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