Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP 2024 Review, Price & FAQs: Dirk de Bruin Program for Beginners and Experienced Investors

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The Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP Membership program offers an impressive conglomerate of educational resources, live updates, and personal buy/sell moves from Dirk de Bruin. It emphasizes transparency, supports community learning, and helps unravel the complexities of crypto trading for everyone, from novices to experienced investors.


  • Comprehensive education
  • Access to exclusive trading strategies and analysis
  • Real-time market insights, research, and analysis
  • Access to an exclusive community


  • Limited free training
  • Stratified upsell approach

What is Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP Program…

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP program is a comprehensive platform designed to provide education, insights, and support for individuals interested in investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Led by Dirk de Bruin, a seasoned cryptocurrency analyst, the program offers a range of benefits, including a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency training course, technical analysis and trading course, money management course, monthly newsletters, research and analysis, access to a library of tech tutorials, and real-time trade setups shared by Dirk.

The program is suitable for both beginners and experienced investors, aimed at sharing Dirk’s knowledge and expertise with its members. It is a subscription-based platform that provides valuable information, tips, and strategies to help individuals maximize their profits while minimizing risks in the cryptocurrency market.

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Who is Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP Best for…

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP program is well-suited for both newcomers and experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts seeking education, expert guidance, market insights, and community support to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency investing. If you fit into one or more of the following categories, then this program might be a good fit for you:

Newcomer to Cryptocurrency: The program is designed to cater to newcomers by offering comprehensive educational materials, personalized support, and access to an exclusive community, providing a solid foundation for those new to cryptocurrency investing.

Experienced Cryptocurrency Enthusiast: The program also caters to experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts, offering exclusive trading strategies, real-time market insights, and access to expert analysis, providing valuable resources to enhance their decision-making capabilities and stay ahead in the cryptocurrency space.

Seeking Expert Guidance: Individuals seeking expert guidance and insights in the cryptocurrency market can benefit from the program’s focus on providing exclusive research and analysis, as well as priority customer support, ensuring that their queries and concerns are promptly addressed.

Looking for a Supportive Community: The program offers access to an exclusive community of like-minded individuals passionate about cryptocurrency, providing a supportive environment for learning, sharing experiences, and networking with others who share a passion for crypto.

How Does It Work…

Let’s take a deeper look into the Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP Membership Program because in the world of cryptocurrencies, education is golden. Whether you’re a novice dipping your toes in the digital currency pool or a seasoned investor looking for more nuanced investment strategies, understanding the complexities of this field is essential. One such pathway towards this knowledge could be the Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP Membership Program.

Dirk de Bruin: The Mastermind Behind the Program

This program was designed and is continually updated by Dirk de Bruin, a seasoned expert and analyst in the field of cryptocurrencies. Through his wisdom, sagacity, and expertise, Dirk de Bruin aims to make this complex world accessible to everyone.

Learning the Crypto Market with Dirk de Bruin

Members gain access to beginner-friendly cryptocurrency training courses, technical analysis and trading courses, and money management courses, suitable for all levels of expertise.

Program Offerings and Structure: Free Webinars to Premium Courses

This diversified program aims to welcome everyone into the crypto realm, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience. At the heart of the program is a series of free webinars. These serve as an introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, covering essential concepts, myths, and the potential opportunities available.

Aside from these webinars, the program offers an array of premium courses. These courses delve deeper into the intricacies of crypto trading, discussing concepts like money management, technical analysis, and advanced trading strategies.

Exclusive Content: Beginner to Advanced Crypto Courses

The original content of the program constitutes an assortment of educational materials and resources. These span beginner-friendly information to sophisticated trading strategies. Technical Analysis module, for instance, aims to teach investors how to analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions.

Another salient feature is the Money Management module. It’s structured to help investors understand how to manage their cryptocurrency investments prudently, thereby minimizing their risk exposure. Lastly, the set of Trading Strategies educates investors on cost-effective strategies they can employ to optimize their portfolio’s performance.

Community Networking and Interaction: The Role of Member’s Only Groups

Education and learning in isolation can often leave us with questions and uncertainties. That’s why the program includes access to members-only discussion groups. These serve as a platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to share ideas, ask questions, and engage in fruitful discussions.

Deeper Understanding of the Crypto Market with Dirk de Bruin

Besides educational resources, the program offers features that provide a deep dive into the crypto markets.

Monthly Newsletters and Market Updates

Each month, subscribers receive a carefully drafted newsletter designed to keep them updated about the ongoing trends and developments in the crypto world. These newsletters not only keep a finger on the pulse of the market movements, but they also discuss potential investment opportunities and how to optimize one’s investment strategies in light of these developments.

Personal Buy and Sell Movements of De Bruin

Knowing which currencies to buy or sell, and when, is often one of the most challenging parts of cryptocurrency investing. To relieve this burden, Dirk de Bruin shares his personal trading moves with the members.

Subscriptions and Refund Policies of the VIP Program

Navigating through the pea-soup fog of subscriptions and refund policies can be a headache. This is what is offered through the Program:

Membership Pricing: Annual versus Lifetime Access

At the time of this writing, the cost of an annual subscription to the VIP Membership Program is $997. Quite a deal when you weigh in the comprehensive array of resources and features you’ll have access to. However, if you enjoy being a member and want to retain access permanently, the program offers a lifetime membership available at $1997.

The Program’s Refund Policy

Much like any other service, the VIP membership program also maintains a refund policy. To protect your educational investment and guarantee your satisfaction, the program offers a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy. So if you’re dissatisfied with the content, you’re fully covered.

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What’s Not to Like / What’s to Like

The Intelligent Cryptocurrency program has made some bold claims about high returns and premium educational content, but it’s key for any discerning investor to critically analyze these assertions. Let’s dig right in by starting with What’s Not to Like and then move on to What’s to Like.

What’s Not to Like

There are two items that rise to the top. First is the allure of potential high returns and the second is what can be experienced as an annoying upsell method.

Analyzing Reported High Returns

One of the prominent lures of the Intelligent Cryptocurrency program is the reports of high returns. The program highlights the huge potential of profits in the crypto space if done right. However, as all skilled investors know, high returns usually come with high risks. It’s important to understand that cryptocurrency markets are incredibly volatile, and wide swings in value are commonplace. Therefore, while seeing these reports, it’s crucial not to let the hypothetically high returns veil the inherent risks.

What’s more reassuring is the program’s stress on educating its members. A good understanding of the crypto landscape can indeed help you navigate these risks, making calculated decisions based on comprehensive knowledge and shrewd strategies.

The Fine Line Between Upselling and Scamming

When you scroll through the Intelligent Cryptocurrency program’s offerings, you’ll likely note their upselling methods. They have a stratified approach where you’re brought in through free beginner-friendly webinars and then offered additional, more advanced educational materials, albeit at a cost.

Now, one might see this as an annoying or potentially dubious marketing strategy, and admittedly, it calls for some caution. However, it’s crucial to understand that upselling does not equate to scamming. Upselling is a common sales strategy used across multiple industries (e.g., ‘…do you want fries with your burger?‘). What’s more important is that the program delivers quality content and resources that justify the price, and from what we can judge, Intelligent Cryptocurrency checks that box.

What’s To Like

It’s always valuable to see what others are saying before committing to a program. The program’s sales page includes testimonials from satisfied customers. But, here we’re sharing public opinions about the Intelligent Cryptocurrency VIP Membership Program. This helps provide different perspectives and highlight potential pros and cons that may be important to you.

Public Feedback and Reviews

With a quick online search, you can find several reviews from current and past members of the program. Many users find the educational content to be comprehensive, relevant, and insightful. They say that Dirk de Bruin’s expertise is indeed evident and useful. The monthly newsletters and updates are also appreciated for their relevant and updated content.

Expert Opinions on the Program

Several cryptocurrency experts have also commented positively on the Intelligent Cryptocurrency program. They commend its focus on education and transparency in the pricing structure. Many agree that for the price, the content offers value and is a worthwhile investment for those serious about delving into the crypto world.

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Who is Dirk de Bruin?

Dirk de Bruin is a seasoned crypto analyst and the founder of the Intelligent Cryptocurrency program. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field and aims to make understanding crypto accessible to everyone.

When did the Intelligent Cryptocurrency Program start?

The program was created in 2020 and Dirk has been in the field since 2015.

What is the pricing of the VIP membership?

At the time of this writing, the annual subscription is available for $997, and for a one-time payment of $1997, you gain lifetime access to the program.

Is this a good deal?

Only you can determine if this is a good deal for your needs. To help you decide, here are some things to consider: (1) crypto education tends to range in price from $60 to >$100 USD per module or course; (2) cryptocurrency newsletters range in price from $0 to >$500 per month; (3) courses and newsletters lack exclusive trading strategies and analysis, ongoing community, or shared personal trading moves.

Is there a free version?

There is a free crypto masterclass that takes you through Dirk de Bruin’s 3-step strategy for the crypto market plus his top three altcoins.

What are the offerings of the Intelligent Cryptocurrency program?

The program provides access to a wealth of resources, including introductory webinars, in-depth courses, monthly newsletters, Discord members-only group, and the personal trading moves of Dirk de Bruin.

Is the program a scam or legitimate?

From our review, the program seems legitimate, offering a range of educational materials and support platforms for individuals who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies and their trading.

What is the refund policy?

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with the program, there is a 60-day no-questions-asked return policy that guarantees your peace of mind.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: You should assume that some of the links on this page are “affiliate links”. If you click on the link and purchase the item, may receive a commission.